What I didn’t expect from The Red King (no spoilers!)

Posted Oct 10 2018, 11:45 am

When I started writing The Red King (out TODAY!!), I thought I knew I was in for…I was wrong.ย 

The story took off in ways I didn’t expect, from new characters with twisty backstories, to immersive research that distracted me endlessly…but that always happens. What was new, however, was how many people started asking me to read their cards once I started writing Sara’s newest adventures. From old friends asking me for readings out of the blue, to actual bona fide psychics encouraging me to “go professional,” to odd requests to read at public events. I have always resisted giving these kind of readings, because I’m *not* a professional.ย 

And yet…I started doing it. I read for strangers. I interpreted others’ reading for them when they were confused as to what was being said. I explained the nuances of the cards in ways that Sara would truly love, combining place and personality to inform the reading. It made me realize that perhaps I could expand my readings to my readers (or whoever was interested) online, so that’s something I’m exploring now.ย 

I’ll be asking you all more formally soon, but if you happen to read this blog… Have you ever had your Tarot cards read? How was the experience? Feel free answer below or join me on my facebook page and keep your eyes sharp. If I keep going down this path, I will be doing readings as videos…maybe even live videos! Which should be both terrifying and a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ย