The Connected Community

Sara’s world is filled with friends and enemies who help bring Immortal Vegas to life. Here are just a few!

The World of Immortal Vegas…

Nikki Dawes

Nikki Dawes is a Vegas-based seer who acts as Sara’s unofficial chauffeur and official best friend. Tough, loyal, and always fabulously dressed, she is fiercely protective of her friends and ruthless in a pair of stilettos. 

Dixie Quinn

Dixie Quinn is a Vegas-based astrologer who owns the Chapel of Everlasting Love in the Stars, a 24-hour off-Strip wedding chapel. She’s a combination of Welcome Wagon and Den Mother to the Connected community of Las Vegas, helping newcomers get their footing and keeping tabs on all psychics in the Vegas area. If there’s something you want to know about the Vegas Connected, you talk to Dixie Quinn. 

Brody Rooks

Detective Brody Rooks of the Las Vegas Metro Police is not officially assigned to the Connected community, but his past work with psychics means he’s typically the man for the job. As a rookie for the Memphis Police Department more than a decade ago, he worked with a young teen psychic named Sariah Pelter, who helped him find abducted children with the use of her Tarot cards. Sariah disappeared after a violent attack on her family… only to show up ten years later in Vegas as Sara Wilde. 

Father Jerome

Father Jerome lives and works in Paris at the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Sara’s friend and mentor, he is instrumental in helping Sara protect members of the Connected community, particularly children, from being preyed upon by dark practitioners and other evil forces.