Hello, Wilde Child, welcome to the family!

Posted May 17 2017, 2:02 pm

It’s Wilde Child’s launch day, and I thought I’d share a little of what went into the making of this book!

For many authors, your books are a little like children–you work hard to get them ready for the world, and then when you send them off, you hope they do well, that they find friends, and that they establish their place in the community. 

Book 7 of the Immortal Vegas series, Wilde Child, feels a little like that for me today. This book has some family overtones, especially considering that Sara must work with a young boy in order to find the source of a terrible drug that’s plaguing the Connected community–and she also comes face to face with her biological mother for the first time. It’s not exactly a tea party, but Sara does her best to stay on track. 

But how does a book like Wilde Child come together? For me, it starts with the opening chapter–which I enjoy setting in a creative part of the world with each new tale. There are so many cool places that I never knew much about until I started this series! Reykjavik, Iceland is one of those places (and now I’m dying to visit there!) My apologies to any residents of Reykjavik for all the gunfire. 😉 

On our way to find the Magician…

The next important piece of research is where the war on magic is boiling over in this particular story. In Wilde Child, Sara races across the world, visiting Barcelona, Tokyo, Vegas (of course!) and Mexico City. Each of these cities holds a wonder all its own, and I was even lucky enough recently to visit Las Vegas, where I took Getting Wilde on a tour of the Strip! Readers who know the city will note the research I did there, as well. 🙂

Once I know the where of a story, the fun begins–getting to visit again with all the characters of the series, from Sara and Nikki and Brody, to the Magician and Devil and other members of the Arcana Council, to Sara’s new friends in the House of Swords (I’m looking at you, Ma-Singh!). The adventure is set, the players are all reporting for duty, so it’s time to get to work–crafting a story for you, the readers! I hope you enjoy the results, that you’ll leave a review if you have a moment on the retail site of your choice, and that you’ll return later this summer to find out what happens next, in Call of the Wilde