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It’s a party!

Join us for the Twelve Days of Midnight Shindig-O-Rama! There will be freebies and giveaways and fun! 

The 12 Shades of Midnight Trailer!

Twelve Shades of Midnight boxed set!

It’s here, it’s sexy, and it’s on pre-order right now! 12shades

RAWR. New cover for Twelve Shades of Midnight!

So, we couldn’t leave well enough alone, and the masterminds behind the Twelve Shades of Midnight boxed set worked tirelessly to find a cover that best expressed something that all twelve authors appreciated–and the result is this sexy cover! 12shadesfront

I think they hit it out of the park! Very happy to be a part of this experience with such wonderful women and terrific authors.

It’s Here! The Cover for Twelve Shades of Midnight

Today at USA Today’s HEA blog, we’re posting the cover for TWELVE SHADES OF MIDNIGHT. Come and see the amazement that is this cover!

Twelve Shades of Midnight at USA TODAY!

What shade of Midnight are you?

Jenn is thrilled to announce her very first work of fiction as a paranormal/Urban Fantasy author, along with twelve other extraordinary authors in the TWELVE SHADES OF MIDNIGHT boxed set, coming October, 2014!

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New Website Launches

As my wonderful and intrepid web master knows, I change ideas for a website the way some authors change shoes. But Liz helped make my vision a reality with this newest look, and I cannot thank her enough!