Prepare to follow The Wayward Star!

Posted Dec 26 2019

Sara’s adventures get personal in the Wayward Star as she’s forced to rethink truths she’s believed for half her life. As she and the Magician gear up for battle against a dark and sinister rival court, she comes to terms with her past and launches into her future with new determination. From Burning Man to […]


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The Shadow Court is almost here!

Posted Sep 23 2019

🔥🔥🔥 It’s time for another Wilde Adventure! 🔥🔥🔥 Sara Wilde must use her hard-won skills as a Tarot-reading artifact hunter to find the most meaningful treasure she’s ever sought…the Magician’s memories, including everything he’s forgotten of her and the life they’ve shared. 💔 Little does she know that there’s someone else lurking in the Magician’s past […]


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It’s time to meet The Hallowed Knight!

Posted May 29 2019

The Hallowed Knight has come to Sara’s world, and he’s going to give her more of a challenge than she ever expected. Sometimes, serving as Justice for the entire psychic community of Earth really should come with a job manual… read more about the book here! 


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Demon Bewitched is Here!

Posted Mar 19 2019

“Stefan had been demonized through absolutely no blasted fault of his own… and he’d be damned before he’d admit wrongdoing. Avenging angels could be so literal.” Now, after six thousand years of service as a Demon Enforcer, Stefan is finally getting his shot at redemption…as one of five consorts to a young high priestess of […]


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What I didn’t expect from The Red King (no spoilers!)

Posted Oct 10 2018

When I started writing The Red King (out TODAY!!), I thought I knew I was in for…I was wrong.  The story took off in ways I didn’t expect, from new characters with twisty backstories, to immersive research that distracted me endlessly…but that always happens. What was new, however, was how many people started asking me […]



Are you ready for The Red King?

Posted Sep 19 2018

Hello! I’m extremely excited to announce my newest Sara Wilde book, The Red King, releasing 10/10/18! As the newest Justice of the Arcana Council, Sara will have her hands full. To read all about it, check out my books page or visit your preferred online bookseller!  Here’s the new cover–I hope you love it as […]


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Getting ready for Wilde Fire!

Posted Mar 13 2018

It’s hard to believe that Wilde Fire is almost here! It’s available now for pre-order, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter for news of what’s next for Sara! 



My new cover for RUNNING WILDE is here!

Posted Nov 22 2017

So excited to have a new cover for RUNNING WILDE, out Dec. 27!  Available now on all online book etailers–or check out my book page for links! 



Call of the Wilde has a cover…and launches Sept 5!

Posted Aug 24 2017

I am super excited to share the gorgeous new cover for Call of the Wilde – coming Sept. 5, 2017! Call of the Wilde is available for pre-order now at Nook, iBooks, Kobo and Amazon!  



Hello, Wilde Child, welcome to the family!

Posted May 17 2017

It’s Wilde Child’s launch day, and I thought I’d share a little of what went into the making of this book! For many authors, your books are a little like children–you work hard to get them ready for the world, and then when you send them off, you hope they do well, that they find […]