A Connected Lexicon

The world of the Immortal Vegas contains a few terms that every savvy Connected should know. Here’s a few of the most important ones.

The World of Immortal Vegas…

The Connected

Psychics, magicians, witches and weres–the Connected is a term that applies to any creature (human or otherwise) with psychic or magical abilities. Some Connected are so low-level that they don’t even know of their own abilities, and some are master sorcerers. 

Dark Practitioners

Connected who specifically practice dark magic, or use their abilities to destroy rather than create. Their opposite does not exist – in other words, there are no specific “Light Practitioners”. Dark practitioners rule the arcane black market, and are currently a threat to Connected children, whose abilities are considered purer and often stronger than their adult counterparts. If a Connected child is captured by the dark practitioners, death is the kindest result. 


A quasi-military cabal dedicated to the goal of stamping out all magic. Based in the Vatican but not an official arm of the Catholic church, the leader of SANCTUS is currently Cardinal Rene Ventre. The organization has grown suddenly powerful over the past several months, though it is unclear who has provided the funding/resources to expand their attacks on the Connected community. SANCTUS also helps fund dark practitioners who it perceives as particularly harmful to other Connecteds. 


Part-magic, part-tech, these drugs and injectable substances can help enhance both Connecteds and non-Connecteds with a temporary flush of psychic or magical abilities. Technoceuticals have long been a fringe problem for the Connecteds (and a booming business on the arcane black market), but have recently become even more powerful.