A Cover for ACES WILDE!

Posted Aug 6 2016, 8:50 pm in , , ,

I’m so excited to share my cover for ACES WILDE. I’ll be adding it to all the retailers over the next few days but I had to reveal it here first because I simply can’t wait! 


Isn’t it beautiful?? I feel like such a proud parent of awesome. 🙂 Special thanks to designer Gene Mollica for bringing my vision to life in such a spectacular way!!



6 responses to “A Cover for ACES WILDE!”

  1. Evangeline Nebedum says:

    Primarily I am a fan of vampires & werewolves books,I also love urban fantasy. I have ordered & read every one of your Immortal Vegas series & have found them fascinating character wise with well written plots. I found myself forced to read them all in a row. Good job!! Keep this series coming!!

  2. Evangeline Nebedum says:

    Loved the Aces Wilde cover.

  3. Jonnie says:

    This series is awesome. i’ve read all the books and waiting for the next one.

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